Safe Showings during the Pandemic

October 17, 2020

Safety is on the minds of all realtors these days as we go about our jobs of helping clients to buy and sell homes. Here are the things both the seller and realtor do to ensure the safety of all.

What the Seller Needs to Do:

  • Clean and disinfect all main surfaces before the showing.
  • Identify a safe space for you and your pets to go. This may mean you get in the car and go for a drive; it may mean you pets are put in a crate in the basement or garage, or you take them with you.
  • Open all interior doors so visitors do not have to touch them
  • Turn on all lights for the same reason
  • Reduce clutter to maintain a safe distance from as many items in your home as possible.

What the Realtor Needs to Do:

  • Provide gloves, masks and covers for shoes for everyone entering your home
  • Provide hand sanitizer for everyone
  • Limit the number of people in the home. Some realtors are letting clients in the home but waiting outside themselves.
  • Disinfect your home after everyone has left
  • Have visitors sign a Covid-19 form that states they have no symptoms of the disease and they have not recently been near anyone who does.

Doing these things will help to keep everyone safe and yet allow your home to be seen and be sold in a timely way, even during a pandemic.