What Constitutes a Bedroom in Your Home?

November 29, 2020

When you want to sell your home, it’s important to advertise the correct number of bedrooms. But do you know what constitutes a bedroom?  In order to call a room in your home a bedroom, it must have these 6 elements:

  1. Minimum square footage: Buyers will want to fit a bed, nightstand, dresser and maybe other furniture in the room. A room that’s 70-to-80 square feet (either 7×10 or 8×10) is the generally accepted minimum for a bedroom.
  2. Minimum horizontal footage: The minimum square footage doesn’t tell the whole story. A bedroom must also measure at least 7 feet in any horizontal direction. That’s why you couldn’t call a 10-foot hallway a bedroom.
  3. Two means of egress: There must be two ways out of a bedroom, usually a door and a window.
  4. Minimum ceiling height: At least half the bedroom ceiling has to be at least 7 feet tall. You can put a bed in a loft area that’s less than 7 feet as long as the other part of the bedroom has a higher clearance.
  5. Minimum window size: The window opening must be at least a minimum size, which is usually 5.7 square feet.
  6. A heating and cooling element: A bedroom needs a source of heat (a space heater won’t do), as well as a way to cool it down, which could be an air conditioner or an open window.
  7. But a closet? Contrary to popular belief, in most states, a room does not have to have a closet to qualify as a bedroom.

So there you go – if you have rooms in your home that don’t meet these requirements, I’m afraid you can’t call them bedrooms.